1. Transfer of a relative in case of hospitalization.

In case of hospitalization expected to last more than ten calendar days a round trip economy class plane ticket will be available to a person designated by the user, departing from the insured permanent city of residence in order to join the user.

Limited to one event.


2. Acomodations for a relative in case of hospitalization

In case of hospitalization caused by an accident or illness expected to last more than five days, the lodging expenses of the person designated by the user will be managed.

This benefit is limited to USD$200.00 per day, for 15 (fifteen) consecutive calendar days.

Limited to 1 event.


3. Acomodations for a relative during insured recovery

If after immediately being discharged from the hospital a recovery period has being prescribed by the local doctor and Iké Asistencia medical team, all expenses necessary for the extension of stay in a hotel selected by the insured will be arranged.

This benefit is limited to $ 200.00 per day for 15 (fifteen) consecutive calendar days.

Limited to one event.


4. Concierge.

By request of the insured specialized assistance and related information shall be provided on the following:

  • Airline Tickets: Information, reservation and purchase of air tickets on any airline in the world.
  • Hotels: Information, recommendation and reservations.
  • Train tickets: Information, reservation and purchase of train tickets on any railway company in the world.
  • Tours: Recommendation reservation and purchase of national and international tours.
  • Cruise: Recommendation reservation and purchase of any worldwide cruise
  • Travel: Recommendation reservation and purchase at any tourist destination nationally and internationally.
  • Car rental: Book any type of vehicle.
  • Transportation: From taxi service to rent a luxury car. Including pick up service at any airport in the world.
  • Limousines: Information and booking for limousines.



  • International sporting events: Super Bowl, Formula One, US Open, Roland Garros, NASCAR, figure skating, sailing, yachting and any other requested by the insured.
  • Locating and retrieving luggage on any airline in the world, as well as coordinating the delivery to the place of origin.
  • Weather information: Seasonality and weather forecast.
  • Site seeing: Locations and visit hours of any point of interest of the traveler.
  • Before the insured travels: Information about Embassies and Consulates. Health information such as vaccines, preparation prior to your trip and procedures and requirements as visas, passport etc…
  • Service hours and reservations in the most unique museums in major cities around the world, sporting events and shows. Emergency institutions, airports and bus stations. Government offices for legal procedures.
  • Consular Information: Addresses of embassies, consulates and / or representative of the Mexican Government Offices at the city or country where you are located to notify loss or stolen official documents. If it’s available an appointment will be arranged with the Mexican authority.



  • Flowers and Gifts: Suggestions and shipping.
  • Hard to find items: From original gifts, collectibles, imports, wine, among many others.
  • Store location: Find the most prestigious brands worldwide.
  • Purchase and delivery gifts and goods: Research and product comparison, purchase and delivery.
  • Assistance in national or international purchases Search, purchase and delivery of any item.



  • Restaurants: Recommendation and booking at the best restaurants in the world.
  • Nightlife: Recommendation and booking the best night clubs in the world.
  • Shows: Recommendation, reservation and purchase of the best plays of the world or special events.
  • Movies: Location and recommendation of cinemas and / or movies, as well as booking / purchase in cinemas with higher ticket demand.
  • Museums and art galleries: Suggestions of temporary and permanent exhibitions at museums or galleries anywhere in the world.
  • Golf: Recommendation and reservation of the best golf courses in the world.
  • Spa's and beauty salons: Suggestions and reservation of the best spa's and beauty salons in the world, with the most appropriate treatment for each insured.
  • Real Estate: Location, pricing and leasing of real estate to meet temporary or permanent accommodation needs anywhere in the world.
  • Sports: Recommendation of gyms and sports facilities.
  • Special Services: Personal shopper, pet friendly parks and facilities, pet boarding, interior design, image consultants, event planning, photographers, security, car wash.
  • Luxury Transportation: Private jet, helicopter or yacht in most cities around the world.



  • Business logistics: Coordination of any event for executive meetings.
  • Banquet and private events: Your personal concierge will recommend the perfect supplier for your needs.
  • Document delivery: Send documents to anywhere in the world, if forgotten, lost or stolen. With cost for the insured.



  • References: Interpreter and translators, temporary secretarial or body guard services in major cities worldwide. Support for locating computer equipment and telephones.
  • Executive Transportation: Arrangements to send an executive taxi for your transfers will be coordinated if requested by the insured.
  • Customs and habits: Local customs and etiquette, protocol and etiquette for international business.
  • InfoCard protection: (i) Registration of business cards, credit cards and debit cards; with one call, the insured can be able to talk to the credit card issuer to proceed with the cancellation of such cards in case of loss or theft. (ii) official documentation such as passport, drivers license, military service card, professional license, etc.), so that in case of loss or theft, with a single call the insured can be linked to Mexican consulates or embassies anywhere the world; as well as government institutions in Mexico, where the holder can report the official documents.


NOTE: All services are with charge to the insured and Concierge services does not charge fee to the primary holder for performing their services.


Concierge exclusions to provide a service:

The concierge cannot guarantee the insured to provide the service required in any of the following situations:

  • Additional fees or discounts other than the ones offered to the public.
  • Availability (Full restaurant, fully booked flight or sold-out events).
  • Access to private places or events.
  • Access to privileged or restricted information. (check in or check times of an artist).
  • Access to facilities or establishments at unusual hours, even if the product or service is available. (A play has ended the season of performances)
  • Purchase and delivery of any items at not allowed places.
  • Any circumstances that are not legal or ethical.
  • Luggage recovery is not guaranteed, but every effort is made to achieve it.
  • Concierge is not responsible if Iké Asistencia or any establishment do not comply or fail to commit the service required.
  • Concierge is not responsible for the information when it differs from reality when there is a reliable source from which it was obtained. (Example advertising or promotions errors)
  • Concierge is not required to know information of streets, major tourist destinations or very detailed information on one place, but he will find out.


Unlimited events.


5. Transmission of urgent messages.

At the request of the insured in case of an emergency urgent messages are transmitted.

Unlimited events.


6. Deceased repatriation.

In the case of a insured deceased, Iké Aasistencia will arrange all necessary documentation, and cover the costs for:

Transfer the body or ashes to the place of burial at the residence address of the insured, for an amount of up to USD$5,000.00 and must be coordinated by Iké Asistencia. No refunds.

Limited to one event.


7. Discount network.

In case the User requires it, the telephone coordinators of IKÉ ASISTENCIA will provide information about the discount network from 10% to 50% in more than 8,000 affiliated establishments nationwide


No limit of events



8. Ground ambulance.

If the insured has an accident or serious illness that causes injury or trauma that needs hospitalization determined by Iké Asistencia medical team and the treating doctor; Iké Asistencia will arrange and cover the cost of moving the user to the closest or specialized hospital by ground ambulance.

If necessary such transfer will be done under medical supervision.

Limited to 1 emergency event.


9. Air Ambulance.

If the insured has an accident or serious illness that causes injury or trauma that needs hospitalization determined by Iké Asistencia medical team and the treating doctor; Iké Asistencia will arrange and cover the cost of air transportation moving the user to the closest or specialized hospital by ground ambulance.

If necessary for medical reasons such transfer will be done under medical supervision. The arrangements must be done by Iké Asistencia.

Limited to 2 events per emergency during the term of the program up to $ 10,000.00 USD.


10. Medical Visits.

When the user can not move to medical consultation and the situation can be resolved in his hotel room by a physician without requiring medical care in an emergency room, we will proceed to send a doctor to your room, subject to medical assessment and availability of Iké Asistencia medical network.

Limit 1 event at no cost to the insured. From the second event onwards, the user must pay the appropriate fee for each visit, directly to the physician who is providing the service.


11 . Medical consultation by telephone.

When you need medical assistance, Iké Asistencia’s team, will advise on how to proceed, without making a diagnosis. At the insured request and all charges covered by the insured Iké Asistencia’s medical team will provide the means and equipment required to obtain a diagnosis, either: (i) through home visits by a physician or (ii) making an appointment with a doctor in his office or in a hospital.

Assistance will be provided on request of the insured, information regarding the substances contained in medicines as well the information that is available in the VADEMÉCUM.

All expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the insured and the assistance will have no liability with respect to the service received from the aforementioned companies.

Unlimited events.

12. Assistance for dental urgency.

IKÉ ASISTENCIA will provide, at the request of the User, an emergency consultation at the network office closest to your home

Limited to 2 (two) events up to 3,000 MXN




13. Drag crane.

In the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure to the vehicle user, request crawling service crane with a maximum amount of 100 (one hundred) kilometers per event.

Towing services where the vehicle can not drive due to the damage caused by extraordinary natural phenomena such as flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption and cyclonic storm is excluded.

For towing in the case of vans and pick ups of up to 3.5 tonnes, the user must cover the costs generated by making loading and / or unloading necessary to put in a position to move the vehicle.

Limited to one event.


14. Road Assistance

In the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure to the vehicle user, request sending qualified personnel to resolve issues such as:

  • Step outlet. Limited to one event.
  • Changing tire. Limited to one event.
  • Sending of fuel limited to 1 event up to 5 liters at no cost to the user.


The following vehicles are excluded from the provision of these services:

  • Vehicles with load capacity of 3.5 tons and up.
  • Vehicles used for the carriage of cargo, taxis, minibuses, buses, buses and leased vehicles.


The provider does not cover booths, maneuvers, abanderamientos and waiting time.

The user must be present at all times while the drag and / or assistance is made.

15 Taxi shipping.

IKÉ ASISTENCA will coordinate the delivery of a taxi to the User in case of emergency.

Limited to 1 event up to $ 1,300.00 (one thousand three hundred pesos 00/100 MXN).



16. Accidental Death.

If during the term of the respective certificate and as a result of a covered accident suffered by the Insured ends in his death. At the time of the occurrence of the accident or within the next 90 days, the Company will pay the designated beneficiary, or the legal succession of the insured, the sum contracted for this coverage, same as shown in the table of benefits according to the type of contracted plan.

If the insured is under 12 years old this coverage will only operate as reimbursement for funeral expenses due to a Covered Accident with a limit of 60 days of minimum daily wage at Mexico Cityt.

Insured Amount $150,000.00 MXP


17. Medical expenses due to accident or Illness

The Company shall indemnify the insured for medical expenses incurred, within the term of coverage for services and / or required medical and surgical materials when the Insured suffers an accident and / or illness covered by traveling, only if first expenditure is made within ten (10) days following the date of the covered accident or illness.

The maximum amount of payment that the company will make for each covered accident or illness, shall not exceed the amount contracted by the insured for the same coverage as shown in the table of benefits.

Covered medical expenses will be considered, those incurred by the Insured for medical or surgical treatment for the following items:

  • Cost of medical fees for surgical procedures and surgeon assistants fees.
  • Cost of medicines, application of substances and diagnostic studies that are needed for the treatment of the insured, only when there is a medical prescription and are accompanied by the corresponding recipes.
  • Fees for the use of operating rooms, recovery room and intensive care unit.
  • Cost for physical therapy, radioactive therapy and physical therapy, provided to the insured during his hospitalization and are prescribed by the treating physician.
  • Cost of prostheses and orthopedic appliances (do not aplly on replacement).
  • Hospitalization costs, represented by the use of standard room and food consumed by the Insured (standard private room).
  • Costs of using a ground ambulance. The Company shall reimburse for the use of ambulance services up to a maximum of twenty five percent (25%) of the insured Amount.
  • Cost of a nurse with a maximum of three (3) shifts per day, during the period of hospitalization. Outside the hospital or sanatorium the cost of a nurse will be limited up to three (3) shifts per day with a maximum of thirty (30) days for each event.
  • Cost of medical consultations.
  • Cost for extra bed for a companion of the insured during hospitalization.
  • Insured Amount $50,000.00 MXP



18. Funeral assistance by accident

IKÉ ASISTENCIA through its network of providers will coordinate the funeral assistance:

Payment of funeral expenses derived from death by accident

Amount with covers $ 25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand pesos 00/100 MXN)

Basic funeral services will be provided through the network and IKÉ ASISTENCIA providers to access the service. The following documentation must be submitted:

Death certificate

Minutes of the MP

The funeral service includes:

  • Transfer to the funeral agency
  • Body aesthetic arrangement
  • Basic Coffin
  • Visiting room for 24 hours or installation of chapel at home.
  • Hearse.
  • Cremation or burial.
  • Basic ash box.
  • Funeral services will be provided exclusively by qualified providers of the IKÉ ASISTENCIA network with which the company has a national level.
  • Funeral management and orientation.
  • The assignment of the funeral home will be based on the user's address.



No refund or expense is applied, in any case, everything must be paid directly and must be requested within 24 hours after the User's death.

IKÉ ASISTENCIA is not responsible for the provision of the service in the following cases:

When an international action by the user results in the commission of a crime

When the User or family representative does not provide truthful and timely information that due to its nature does not allow the event to be duly attended to or it may incur false declarations.

When the User or family representative does not prove to be the owner or beneficiary of the program.

When the user or family representative fails to comply with any of the objections indicated in these general conditions.

When at the time of contracting the service directly or through a third party is under 18 years and over 64 (sixty-four years) years.

Also excluded are assistance situations that are a direct or indirect consequence of: Acts of war, invasion, acts of enemies, foreign hostilities (whether war has been declared or not), rebellion, civil war, insurrection, self-harm or participation of the User in criminal acts. international homicide, suicide or illnesses and injuries resulting from attempted suicide; the participations of the User in combats, races, competitions or automobile or motorcycle exhibitions; accidents in air taxis or aircraft that do not belong to a commercial line legally established and consigned for the regular service of passenger transport, mental illness or alignment; any type of accident or illness caused by nuclear radiation; Disease or pathological states produced by the intentional ingestion or administration of toxic (drugs), narcotics or by the use of medications without a prescription; Sovereign injuries or illnesses in the exercise of extremis sports, such as mountaineering, diving, swimming with sharks and parachuting.

The auto-bus service is subject to availability, transfers outside the city are not covered.

Does not cover embalming unless required by law. Does not include niches or pit. Service to the terms and conditions of the providers as well as the availability, surplus and / or additional services shall be covered by the family members.


The client can download the App to request the assistance contained in his program, he will have the possibility of locating the Xcaret parks through geolocation as well as the services, fees and important information of the different parks.

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