P: Which is the cost of the program “Asistencia Iké Total”?
A: The cost is $92.8 MXP taxes included


Q: Which assistances am I up to use when I buy the program?

A: We offer various assistance by buying this program. You will travel with medical assistance, roadside assistance and a plan that includes life insurance and medical expenses.


Q: How long am I covered by this program?

A: You will be covered a total of seventeen days, two days before the date of visit to the park and fifteen afterwards.


Q: What happens if I change the entry date to Xcaret?

A: If you make changes to the date of visit, the program is not lost. We adapt to the date you choose to enter Xcaret.


Q: If I have an emergency where can I call?

A: The phone numbers to report an emergency and request assistance are 58094155 and 01800 0004155. These phone numbers are on your certificate, you can print it from your email. The telephone coordinator will ask your certificate number to attend your emergency.


Q: What if I do not print my certificate?

A: If you do not print your certificate, there is no problem. The telephone coordinator will ask your name to provide the assistance.


Q: If I do not buy the assistance program and something happens to me, can I buy it at that time?

A: Unfortunately you can not buy it, if an accident occurs and you did not purchased the product, we can not respond to your request for assistance.


Q: What if I´m being charged with a fare difference for a towing service?

A: If you´re charge with a fare difference, it will be because it exceeded the maximum amount of coverage. In this case, the difference shall be paid directly to the crane operator.


Q: If for some reason I do not receive me assistance, I get reimbursed on what I pay?

A: Yes, if for any situation we do not provide assistance as requested according to the program, we have the responsibility to make a restitution of the expenses you have made.


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